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Welcome to the MMRPHQ!

Admins: :iconkai--kun: Mia  :bulletred: :iconlunateix: Battles

Co-Admins: :icongenisay: Misty


Disclaimer: These characters in this project (except the OCs) do not belong to us. They all belong to CC Corp.  We're role-playing Megaman characters just for fun!


:new: What's New?
         This is the section where you will be informed about the latest updates.


         :new:News from Kai--Kun [Last update: August 22, 2013]

    :pointr: Hello, members of MMRP. (or maybe not anymore, haha.) I feel I must apologize for how silent and dead the RP has been for months. If possible, I would like it if anyone still interested in RPing here with us would show up in the chat. Even if we don't RP or anything, it would be good to see if anyone still...cares. This RP has been the longest running one on dA and I would hate to see it die. Everyone has been through so much together. We've created such an interesting story, different from anything I've actually ever seen in RPs before.

This is getting all sappy and stuff. But I guess that's because this place is where I've met a lot of great people, and I don't want it all to just fall off the face of the planet without everyone making some kind of effort to maybe put and actual IC ending to it. I dunno if I'm just talking to myself here, but I figured it was worth a try. If possible, please try to get this around to everyone in the group. I'm not sure who's gonna see it.

Thank to anyone who is left.


    :new:News from LunateiX [Last Update: ... ]

    :pointr: ...


MMRP Admins
We're listed under:
The Official Club for Role Play at deviantART


:blahblah: Our Chatroom!

Here is a link to the chatroom! If you are in need of assistance, NOTE Kai--Kun, she will help you.

> Click here to go the the chatroom! <

Stuff concerning this is in here somewhere. > RULES <



:? How do I join?

Go here please > RULES <


:target: RULES: For Canon Characters

Go here please > RULES <


:community: Members

Classic Series

:iconelec-man-mmrp: :iconproto-man-mmrp: :iconvillianous-bass: :icondln005-iceman: :iconhoppingtoadman: :icondwn045-plantman: :iconbeautyful-splash: :icongloriousenker: :iconslick-oilman: :iconoriginal-breakman: :iconmegarocklight: :iconsheepysheepman:

X Series

:iconmaverick-vile: :iconangel-cinnamon: :iconthe-magna-centipede: :iconmistergate: :iconaxl-maverickhunter: :iconlifesaver-notacandy: :icondouglas-tech: :iconrepliforce-colonel: :iconiris-of-x4: :iconbrilliant-berkana: :iconmaverick-dynamo: :iconcrushallmavericks: :iconnavigator-layer: :iconredknightzero:

MMZ Series

:iconzeroblackknight: :iconomega-0: :iconhidden-phantom: :iconlegendarycopyx:

ZX Series

:iconvent-zx: :iconthe-wind-megaman: :iconnurse-rose: :iconicemegamanthetis: :iconmysteriouspandora: :iconbiomatch-prometheus: :iconcool-chronoforce:

Legends Series

:iconmegaman--trigger: :iconmotherunit-yuna: :iconskypirateglyde: :iconjuno-the-bureaucrat:

BN Series

:iconbeyondard-iris: :iconblackshadowbass: :iconlorddoctorwily: :iconmeddyexe: :iconplantmanexe: :iconmaylu-the-amazing:

Starforce Series


OCs and Whatnot

:iconmia-the-sexy-muffin: :iconmagnificentmalory: :iconmechsamuel: :iconbeastqueenvesna: :iconsuper-strega: :iconred-coat-aya: :iconrebel-princess-aino: :iconskyyeelron: :icondecembermatosai: :iconhybrid126: :iconkoukennaoki: :iconarcadia-cress: :iconhunter-misora: :iconpure-model-o-alfonzo: :iconclaire-estelle: :iconetanappel:

Suspended Accounts

No one.


- Megaman Wiki : A great resource for all things Megaman!

- The Megaman Network : Awesome Megaman site. Seriously. You can find ANYTHING here. I think.


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